Biodiesel Production from Algae

Algae fuel, also known as algal fuel, oilgae or third generation biofuel, is a biofuel from algae.

North American Algae Corporation has been doing active research to produce biofuel to replace oil and natural gas. We focus on researching and developing the most efficient way to produce biofuel from algae.

Why biofuel, and why algae? Since 2003, there have been record oil price increases. Due to competition between foods and other biofuel sources and the world food crisis, there is much interest in algaculture (farming algae) for making biofuels. One advantage of many biofuels over most other fuel types is that they are biodegradable, and so relatively harmless to the environment if spilled. Algae are also high-yield high cost feedstock when compared with second generation biofuels. Another advantage is that algae fuels do not impact fresh water resources.

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